Aftercare FAQ

Frequently AskedQuestions

Aftercare or Post Treatment

  • How long does it take to heal?

    Day 1-3 Your eyebrows are much darker and thicker than they will be when they heal. This is due to double pigmentation of epidermis and dermis layers. You may have redness that will subside within the first 48 hours.

    Day 4-6 The peeling begins. The dark outer color will start peeling off, revealing a softer, lighter color. Try to keep this area moisturized for easier flaking.

    Day 6-9 Dark outer color finishes peeling off. The color is lighter and softer and brows are thinner. The color may have a greyish or ashy tone for a few days until the color clarifies. Use lotion until needed.

  • Can I get them wet?

    (brows) Apply the ointment on before washing face or taking a shower, it will barrier the area against water.

    (liner) Saline eyewash can be used to irrigate the area.

  • (For eyeliner clients) How long will my eyelidbe swollen?

    Area may be swollen and tender for up to 72 hours. Ice may be applied to help with swelling. Do not put ice directly on skin, apply a thin layer of the ointment (A paper towel may be placed between skin and ice) Elevate your head at night when sleeping.

    Darkness, thickness and unevenness of shape right after the procedure is normal due to swelling.

  • Can I workout afterwards?

    It is generally advised to avoid working out due to sweating. No direct and/or excessive sun, heated yoga, hot tubs, facials, steam and sauna rooms and long hot showers/baths (avoid direct shower spray) for at least10 days.

    No swimming until the area is completely healed, salt water or chlorine can cause the pigments to fade and or change in color.

  • Can I wear make up afterwards?

    The next day you can but not directly on the area that has just been treated for at least one week after the treatment. Generally, everywhere else is fine.

  • How do I help keep the pigment stay in longer?

    The sun will be the main factor that accelerates the fading of the tattoo, so it is essential that you avoid direct sunlight on the treated area for the longer life span altogether, not just during healing period. Its advisable to wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.

Caring for your treatment.

    Proper care following your procedure is required to achieve optimum result.
    Please refer to the FAQ Post treatment.
    Do not touch the area during the healing process.
    Avoid soaking the area with soap and water. For brows, gently washing with mild cleanser and water is fine.
    Do not touch the area during the healing process.
    Monitor area for any oozing, if there is any, press gently with tissue to remove. If body fluids (lymph) remain, a thick scab will develop and will inhibit color pigment saturation.
    A scab will form within 2-3 days. When scabbing begins, apply ointment provided 2-3 times a day with cotton swab or clean hands (for brows only)
    For eyeliner- no application of ointment.
    If lashes have some dried lymph on them in the morning you can use either saline eyewash to remove or use cotton swab with a little bit of ointment and gently wipe the debris away.
    Tenderness, dryness and itching are normal during the healing process.
    Do not pick, peel or scratch the area or color will heal unevenly. Scratching may cause scarring.
    Make up may be applied lightly after some of the scabs have fallen off in order to not look too blotchy but please remove the make up gently as not to disturb the scabs. Although best not to apply any make up until healed.